Our goal is to provide fast, innovative financing solutions that allow our partners to be successful in the constantly evolving real estate investment and mortgage markets.

Our rates are the best in the industry, our closing costs are the lowest among all real estate lenders.

1 Year – 9.5%

Interest Only payments for a 12 month term with balloon payment due at end of term.

2 Year- 8.5

A two-year term gives you the flexibility to fix & flip, buy & hold, engage in an extended rehab, or even qualify for a conforming loan down the road

4 Year – 6.5%

This is a great solution for investors seeking a longer term, buy & hold strategy who cannot obtain traditional mortgage financing.Interest Only payments for 48 month term with balloon payment due at end of term.

Flexible Terms Available


Our team of professionals comprise some of the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in the real estate investment / commercial market. We offer the quickest, most aggressive loan securing services in the country, with closing times as short as 10 days. Our flexible loan choices are the best in the Industry and our real estate knowledge is superior to any other lender. When you work with Real Estate Lender you’re working with industry professionals, not one-dimensional lenders, we have a clear understanding of your project.


We believes property owners and investors are underserved by narrow and inflexible banking guidelines. We designed our programs with this in mind, offering more flexibility than traditional lending sources without charging the high rates a hard money lender would charge. We understand that every loan has a unique story and we’re ready to guide you into a program that fits your needs.